Little Fins Swim School (Colorado Springs)

ISR is at Little Fins in 2015!
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Little Fins Swim School established by Rockell Ridgway in 2007 and has partnered with:

*Infant Resource Survival (ISR)

*We serve special needs children. Call to discuss options and be matched with the perfect teacher for your child's needs.

*Se habla espanol.

Why are we the best swim school in Colorado Springs?

People often ask what distinguishes us from other swim schools. That's an easy answer and one that has been learned after years of experience. Your child gets 100% of their teacher's attention. It is one-on-one teaching instruction that makes the difference. This is the main reason why most of our students become safe in the water in a very short amount of time! That is our ultimate goal for each and every swim student who attends Little Fins Swim School.

Our speciality is quality, private, one-on-one swim instruction in Colorado Springs. We guarantee your child will learn to be safe in the water. See our 10 day program below. Contact Rockell to schedule your instruction at (719) 488-0179.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

We are confident in our swim program. Your child WILL learn to swim! If you are not happy with our program and the progress your child has made in 3 swim lessons, we will refund your money for those 3 full swim lessons in full.

In other words, you have 3 swim lessons to decide if you are happy with our program. After the third swim lesson you will not have the option for a refund.

We are not about being the cheapest place in Colorado Springs, rather we offer quality, professional swim lessons with a trained, professional swim teacher.

We love little fins :) The teachers are amazing and really connect with the children!! It's awesome to see what changes are made in one or two lessons. - Stephanie S. 

Our 10 day Program Guarantee

This program is for infants and kids. This program guarantees that your child will be at Level 1 "Starfish" by the 10th swim lesson. We will give your child as many more swim lessons as it takes for no extra charge if he is not at Level 1 "Starfish" by the 10th swim lesson!

Level 1 Means: If you child falls, jumps, or gets pushed into the water unexpectedly, s/he will be able to safely come up to the surface and float on his/her back indefinitely.

Parents should never take their eyes off their children in or near the water, but you can rest easier knowing that your child is "water safe" at Level 1.

My son loves his class and his teacher. He has learned so much in just the 3 classes he has had so far. I will always recommend this swimming school. They give all they say they will. Thank you all so much for doing what you do! - Jenessa D-W.

How the Schedule Works

You need to schedule your 10 swim lessons as close together as possible. We have a 2 day a week swim schedule minimum for this program.

What if I miss a class?
We do make-up lessons on Fridays at set times. Please call 719-344-5328 to schedule a make-up lesson. Please try to give us as much notice as possible if your child will miss a lesson. We try to accomodate your schedule, but we also hold your timeslot specifically for YOUR child (as it is a private lesson). 

I am beyond impressed by Little Fins Swim School and the teachers. I started my daughter in the Mommy and Me class when she was 9 months old. She was floating, grabbing on the side, and rolling in the water on to her back before she could even talk/crawl/walk! It was amazing! It made me feel so much safer around pools and water as we went into the summer months. Since then we have gone back each Spring and she picks up right where we left off. She is now 2.5 years old and swimming the length of the pool. She passed the Level 1 survival test and is working on her swimming skills now. I highly recommend Little Fins Swim School! - Lauri A. 

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Little Fins Swim School is dedicated to teaching your children to be safe in the water.

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