See what our customers are saying about their time at Little Fins.

Thank-you!!! We’re so lucky to have had Little Fins and Mr. Art to help Speedy (Fionn) break the barriers of fear and unlock the door to what has become his passion! I know absolutely that it wouldn’t have been possible any other way. Little Fins helped my Fionn to exceed early expectations of a kid on the autism spectrum and we will be forever grateful to you for everything you’ve made possible for him. Thank-you!
— CJ Miller
My son has been going to Little Fins Swim School for a couple of months and he absolutely loves it. Every week we get ready for swim lessons; it is definitely the highlight of his week. I love watching him and seeing him progress so much and his confidence has really grown in his abilities in the water. So thankful for a place that cares about keeping children safe and comfortable in the water.
— Karissa S.
Our overall experience is GREAT! I’m pleased that Emily is reaching more in the pool. She responds well to praise, and I really appreciate when her teacher helps Emily to ‘re-focus’ on her swimming when she becomes distracted. Thanks for your support!
— Emily's Mom
My daughter has gained so much confidence since starting swim classes here. Ms. Cori has been amazing working with her to conquer her fear of the water. She passed level one after 3 classes even with a high fear level starting out. It’s truly amazing to watch your child pushing through their fear and see their self confidence skyrocket! Thanks for the amazing one-on-one lessons!
— Charlotte C.
A great place to bring your child to learn how to be safe in the water and how to swim. The staff members are excellent! I’m very satisfied with this swim school.
— Katarina C.
Great atmosphere, very kind instructors, will definitely be coming back for swim lessons! My 1 year old loved the mommy & me infant class!
— Alex L.
My family loves this place. They have taught our kids in just three lessons how to float if they were to fall into a pool. Don’t get me wrong they still need constant adult supervision at this point but they will get better. The best part of all this is how much easier it is to wash my three year old’s hair in the bath. He use to cry every time I poured the water over his head. Now he could care less because of all the going under the water in the pool. The biggest problem I see is the parents, you have to understand if your child is young they will cry during the first lessons. They make the kids do things they aren’t comfortable with but after 15 minutes our kids trusted the instructors and all the lessons are fun for them. So go there let the instructors do their job and your kids will learn to survive in the pool. In closing I love this place and I really look forward to these lessons every week.
— George L.
Both of my daughter’s have Ms Haley as their swim instructor. Ms. Haley is amazing, sweet and a wonderful instructor! In just 2 lessons she has my youngest who is 3 at a level 1 and my oldest who is 7 almost at a level 4 after 4 lessons! We love Ms. Haley and we love Little Fins Swim School!!!!!! :)
— Olivia W.
Can’t recommend Little Fins enough! Ms.Amelia is so gentle and patient with my son (now 14mo) who up until recently screamed during every lesson! The best part is everyone at Little Fins is so supportive and makes you feel comfortable in the fact that your baby is screaming, because of course you don’t want your kid to be the reason others get distracted! So thankful we found this wonderful place and Brayden has the opportunity to work with such an incredible instructor like Ms. Amelia! I don’t trust many with him, but I don’t have an ounce of doubt in the abilities of the instructors when he’s in the pool with them!
— Casey Z.
Little Fins holds the value of teaching the life skill of swimming. It has been a pleasure to watch my kids learn and grow at Little Fins!
— Kathy B.
This school is amazing. Both of my daughters come here and I’ve never in my life have seen them make so much progress in two and a half months. Both of their teachers are two of the most talented men I have ever seen in my life. My daughters are very shy and takes them time to adjust to new people, but they acted like they have know them for years. These instructors take the number one spot in my book. If it wasn’t for both of their patience, talent and overall knowledge on teaching young children how to swim we would not be coming here as my wife and I are very picky when choosing a school of any kind. You both have gone above and beyond for my children. Without the two of you they wouldn’t be at the level they are at. I recommend this place to anyone especially the children that are not comfortable around new people. Again I can’t thank both teachers enough!! From the bottom of our hearts your both the best teachers.
— Ethan H.
I cannot say enough about all the amazing teachers who have taught my children! Dakota, Jennifer, and Art, you are all wonderful! Both of my children were floating on their first lesson. Art was so patient with my daughter today, who has been having several tantrums and really fighting us in everything we do. As a parent, I don’t give in to my child who is pitching a royal fit. Art graciously took her into the pool, and worked with her until she calmed down and everything went great! Jennifer who is always working with my other daughter and turned her “I Can’t” into “I can!”. She also has dealt with mommy and her constant request for an underwater photo of my daughter :)
Thank you all so much! You are wonderful at what you do!
— Crystal T.
From a terrified screaming session of 30 minutes, my son is now confident and excited to go swimming...His skills are coming along and he has the ability to save himself now! We love Miss Rockell!
— Elissa B.
My daughter LIVES for her 30 minutes each week in the water. WE couldn’t ask for a better environment in which to learn all-important water skills. The school is welcoming and Rockell Rocks!!
— Shari B.
This is the best place for kids to really learn to swim!! It’s one on one, the teachers are all so friendly with the kids. I recommend little fins for anyone even thinking about getting their kids water safe and learning to swim!!!!!!! THANK YOU LITTLE FINS!!
— Ila P.
We LOVE Little Fins! The instructors are the best and scheduling online is a breeze!
— Caroline N.
Reliable and consistent instruction. Very pleased with Ms. Kory and Ms. Megan! They have a beautiful way of bringing the kids through their fears, and knowing when to pause and comfort them. Worth the investment and commitment!
— Courtney R.
Can’t say enough good things about Little Fins! Great environment, from being able to watch from a separate room that’s made comfortable and welcoming to a perfect play/wait area away from poolside. The instructors especially Ms Jennifer are patient, inspiring and extremely knowledgable of how to get the most out of the children. I wish we had found this place earlier! Way to go Little Fins! You are AWESOME!!!
— Angel D.
I love how they were so patient with my daughter, yet firm on why she’s there and what she should be doing. Well worth it! Very friendly!
— Amanda M.
We love Little Fins! The teachers are amazing and really connect with the children! It’s awesome to see what changes are made in just one or two lessons.
— Stephanie S.
I paid for 2 months of lessons at the YMCA and 3 mos of lessons at Villa before we tried little fins, and my 3 yo son still wouldn’t even put his head under the water. He still clung to me and his father every time we went to the pool like he was terrified. We signed up for the 10 lesson guarantee with Ms Rockell, and by lesson five (2 wks in) he was being thrown in the pool, resurfacing on his own, and floating on his back for five minutes unassisted. A month after that, he is now able to swim across the entire pool by himself. No more fear of getting his face wet, no more screaming when we go to the pool, it has even made bath time SO much easier! If you are doing swim lessons someplace else, stop wasting your hard earned money.
Just FYI, my son did cry for the first few lessons, and it tore my heart out as I watched from the parent room. But I know that this was good for both of us. By lesson 4 or 5, he was asking me to go to the pool and really excited for his lessons. If your kiddo is freaking out, it will get better!
— Julie T.
We love Little Fins Swim School! The instructors are very knowledgeable about water safety for all age ranges (infant+)! We have attended a few of the mommy and me swim classes and absolutely love it.
— Kristin N.
I never would have put my 8 mo old son’s face under the water like that without seeing everyone else at Mommy and Me do it first! Thanks for a well organized, fun, cost effective, and safe class! Thank you!
— Lisa D.