1-on-1: 6 months and up
4 on 1: Level 4 or age 7 years and up

People often ask what distinguishes us from other swim schools. That's an easy answer, we have the best instructors, who make water safety a priority, but also fun! Students become safe in the water in a very short amount of time at Little Fins!

Aqua Babies

4 months to 36 months

A beginner level, parent participation, small group lesson. We work with parents to help develop the natural instincts that babies have in the water, as well as the primary swim skills of breath control and buoyancy. Click to learn more.

"Bumping It" Prenatal Class

"Bumping It" is a fun full-body fitness class with low-impact movements through the water led by our own Ms. Heather, RN.  The pool is where we pregnant women want to be! This fun (and challenging) aqua workout will tone your body by using the water for resistance training. Additional benefits: you're weightless when you're in the water (PRICELESS!), and water workouts help reduce swelling! Click to learn more.