Mommy & Me Class - Daddy is always Welcome!

Up to 2 adults may participate in classes. Please fill out a registration form before attending your first class.


Mommy & Me "Gym & Swim" Class at the Academy Location

Newborn up to Preschool Age

"Mommy and Me Gym and Swim" is a unique gym and pool class for mommy/daddy and your infant/ toddler to enjoy at any age! The first 15 minutes of class will be spent in the gym, playing, singing, and doing physical skills. We will work on building coordination and strength through fun yoga, gymnastics, and pilates skills each class. Then we transition to the pool for 30 minutes of group play, swim skills, and water activities. You and your child will love our heated 95 degree pool. 


Each child needs an adult to participate with them.  Up to 2 adults may swim with each child.

What should I bring?: 
A swimsuit and towel for you and your kiddo! Children not yet potty trained will be REQUIRED to wear swim diapers for this class. Must be tight fitting around legs and waist. Double diaper recommended for very little ones (reusable diaper cover over water disposable diaper).

What ages can attend?: Newborn to 5 years old! Little Fins Policy: We do not fully submerge or put babies faces in under water if they are younger than 6 months old.  

Class Pricing:
$10 per child CASH ONLY
Punch Card: $50 for 5 class pass

Current Class Times:
9:00 - 10:00 a.m.  Saturdays, Wednesday

Sunday Classes will be cancelled as of 12/1/2017 but will be back Summer of 2018. Pass holders can use remaining classes for other days or for Aqua Babies @ Union.

Class Structure:
1 hour class - 10-15 minutes gym time, 30 minutes of pool instruction, and 10-15 minutes free play/open swim